This Page Was Built With Notion

Hi What's up

This is not a page or a blog post, but a playground and tester for the unofficial API. I'm currently building a component to take care of Notion page rendering in Svelte. Please Ignore the rest of this page, as it's just test blocks to test the notion functionality.

Dividers work now!


You miss 100% of the notion blocks you don't render

How's this for inception, this is the code used to make this page.

<script context="module"> import { Notion, fetchNotion } from "@leveluptuts/svelte-notion"; export async function preload() { const pageId = `3e03212e646e41caaa560408162dee99`; const blocks = await fetchNotion({ id: pageId, context: this }); return { blocks }; } </script> <script> export let blocks; </script> <Notion {blocks} />

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